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What Can A Pool Pump Be repaired?

A pool pump is not something that you would want to have to replace on a regular basis. However, if there is a problem that prevents it from pumping the water properly then you may need to take it in for repair. There are many things that can cause a pump to stop working and you will want to be able to identify the problems before you have to spend any money on repairs. There are certain steps you can take to determine what is wrong with your pump and how can a pool pump be repaired?

One of the first things that you should do is take a close look at your pool pump. There are a number of things that can cause it to stop working. A large number of problems can be traced back to poor maintenance and you should ensure that you keep up with the cleaning and upkeep on your device. It can be tempting just to go ahead and skip maintenance but it can be very expensive to repair damages that occur because of neglect. If you find that you are regularly taking it in for repairs then you may want to consider changing the motor or simply have it serviced.

You should also take a look at your pool pump’s pressure system. If it appears under pressure but is actually holding back water then you may have a problem with the blower or float chambers. This can often be fixed by simply adding more air or cleaning the unit out. The motors of most pumps can also be checked and there may be something wrong with the electrical system that is causing the problem. Changing the pump motor can often solve the problem and you should consider doing so if the problem does not go away after a short period of time.

Bad gaskets can also stop your pool pump working. These are used to seal the pump and prevent any dirt and debris from getting inside. As they wear down they can become clogged with grease, dirt and other materials which will cause your pump to not work as it should. You can easily remove them and check to see if they are causing the problem. Changing the gasket should solve the problem and if it doesn’t then it is time to buy another one.

If you find that your pool pump is giving you trouble even after changing all of the above factors then you may need to have it serviced. Even if the problem is not physical, the pump needs to be checked to ensure that it is in good working order. When can a pool pump be repaired? Generally, once a year when you purchase a new pump you can replace it with a brand new one.

As previously mentioned, you should be careful when trying to determine when a pump can be repaired. If the problem seems minor then it may be able to wait until next year to have it replaced. For larger issues you can try calling a repairman. They will be able to give you an approximation of when the pump can be repaired.