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What Are the Parts of a Pool Pump?

What are the parts of a pool pump? They are as unique as your pool. There are many different pumps on the market, each designed for different pools and used for different things. Knowing what they are and how they work will help you if you ever need to replace your pool’s pump.

One of the main parts of a pool pump is its impeller. The impeller sits atop the pump, providing the suction power that helps push the water through the system. Inlet ports and outlet ports are where the water goes into the pump. It is important to know which is which so you can choose the right pump for the job.

The piston is another important part of a pool pump. Because of how the pump moves water, it must be durable. The piston is an inner ring, which goes up and down to push water through the system. Bearings help move the piston around, keeping it aligned with the rest of the assembly. There are typically two types of bearings in the pump – journal bearings and ball bearings. Different styles of bearings can be more suited for particular pumps, so be sure to talk to someone at your local pool supplies store.

The motor is the part of the pump that actually moves the water through the pump. There are two types of motors, namely centrifugal and reciprocating. Centrifugal pumps are more reliable, but have less horsepower than their reciprocating cousins. Pool owners may prefer the quieter operation of a Centrifugal pump, though some people have had trouble with them over the years. Reciprocating motors work in a similar fashion as centrifugal ones, with one motor working in conjunction with the other. They have the advantage of not wearing out, which means that they will usually last longer than Centrifugal pumps.

Finally, there’s the part of the pump that filters and contains the water itself – the compressor. These are often very big machines, which need to be regularly maintained to ensure that pool water is free of bacteria and germs. In general, pool compressors should be serviced every three to six months or so. Some models require more frequent maintenance, while others only require once a year or less.

When you know what the parts of a pool pump are, it’s time to take a look at maintenance schedules. For most models, it’s recommended that the pump be serviced and checked every three months or so. Periodic checks will ensure that no damage has occurred and that the parts are in good working order. If a part needs to be replaced, you can find out what it needs to do its job and ask a professional to install it for you.