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Simple Tips For Learning How To Prime A Pool Pump

There are many different methods for how to prime a pool pump, and while some of them require special equipment that may be beyond the reach of many homeowners, others can be achieved without purchasing expensive pieces of equipment. Priming your pump is simply ensuring that the components function properly before adding any water to it. This ensures that your swimming pool stays cleaner, and you do not have to constantly replace the filter. Here are several simple tips on how to prime a pool pump.

Before you get started, it is important to remember that you should never add water to your pool if it is not fully saturated. If water is sitting on top of your pool, it will collect debris and create a layer of pressure against the pump’s impeller. If this happens, it may cause damage to the motor, or even result in it breaking. If the water is not completely saturated, it will create a layer of turbulence underneath the pump which will push air bubbles into the system. All of this will reduce suction and overheat your pool.

When you learn how to prime a pool pump, it is important to make sure that you do not add water after the filters have been put in place. Do not take any chances – you don’t want to be putting the motor under unnecessary stress, and you certainly don’t want to waste water. Once the filtration has been put in place, you can continue with how to prime a pool pump. Start by filling the reservoir about half-way full, and then turn on the machine. Swivel the control knob to start the rotation. Do not crank the handle during this time, so that you do not risk scalding yourself.

Once you have completed the initial priming cycle, you can proceed to how to prime a pool pump by turning the handle towards the drain. Once the blades have reached the drain, you should then shut down the pump and remove the filter from the unit. Look at the motor casing and determine whether or not there are any clogs. If you find any, remove them carefully with a wire cutter, and throw the clog away. You can then reinstall the filter and pump and continue with how to prime a pool pump lesson.

The final step in learning how to prime a pool pump is to install the new cover. Place the cover over the top of the storage reservoir, making sure that it is securely in place. You may then close the system. If you wish to know how to prime a pool pump more thoroughly, you can read instructional manuals that come with the pool supplies. The manufacturers are also happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Learning how to prime a pool pump doesn’t have to be difficult. Even if you have no experience at all, following these basic steps will help ensure that your pool is ready to use each time you want to use it. If you have questions about how to prime a pool pump or other types of pool supplies, however, it is best to contact a professional such as an outdoor supply company. They are happy to answer any questions that you have about swimming pools, including how to prime them.