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Pool Pump Parts – Find Them at Hayward Pool Pumps

There are a lot of pool pump parts that you will need in your pool, from the pool filter to the pool pump motor. If you have an above ground pool, you will also need a pool pump cover, for added protection and to keep debris out. Some of the more sophisticated pool pumps have remote controls, which makes them convenient to use even if you don’t have access to the pool. There are different kinds of pool pump parts with different functions. One of the most important parts is the pool pump motor which must be properly maintained to ensure it will work effectively the next time you use it.

Your Hayward pool pump comes with a compressor. This compressor supplies power for both the air pump and the impeller. The compressor is located above the floor joists in the pool pump unit. Make sure to properly line up your pump and all of its connections to avoid leaks. This is especially important with larger pool pumps. Once you know where the compressor is located, take a look at its maintenance records to see how often it needs to be serviced and if it’s worth it.

There are a variety of other pool pump parts you will need such as bearings, windings, drive belts, and brushes. Bearings are necessary for the smooth operation of the pump. They are made out of steel and have bearings made of brass. Windings are made of various materials such as brass, gold, and copper. Drive belts are used to move the pump and are usually made of nylon or leather.

If you install your pool pump incorrectly, you can damage it. For example, if you only install the motor right over the top of the water basin, you run the risk of the motor collapsing since it is placed on top of water. To be on the safe side, check your manual first before starting your pool pump up. This way, you can be sure that you are doing things the correct way. Make sure to carefully follow all installation instructions before moving on to the next step.

When cleaning your Hayward pump, never clean it using soap and water. The heat from the pump can melt the parts, causing them to rust. Before disassembling the pump for cleaning, you need to first unplug it from its power source.

Finding pool pump parts for your Hayward pool pump is not difficult. You can either visit the local junkyard, garage, or even your house to find spare parts. If you don’t find the exact part you need, you can always order it online. This is how convenient it is to buy pool pump parts from the Internet. Plus, buying online gives you more options than buying locally.