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Different Types Of Pool Filter Parts

Replacement pool filter parts are necessary for proper operation of swimming pools. There are various brands of filter available in the market today. Some brands like Eureka O2, PressureNet and Ever cleaner, among others, use standard pool filter cartridges that come with the package. Other brands use special cartridge sizes, which need to be matched with the corresponding filter size. The other brands use different cartridges depending on the amount of water flow required by the pool.

Replacement pool filter parts may be purchased from pool supplies stores, over the internet or from specialty shops. Among these options, Eureka Blue Filters consistently produces high quality products at very reasonable rates. The company boasts of an excellent range of different designs to suit different individual requirements. They even offer a full warranty for all their products. Most of the filters produced by Eureka use polypropylene fibres as their active ingredient, which ensure smooth functioning even after years of use.

Each cartridge filter tank has a single removable filter element. One of the most popular is the “Medusa” valve, which can be attached to the pump to prevent solid particles from entering the pump’s water chamber. When the solid particles are allowed to accumulate in the pump’s water chamber, clogs may develop and result in a diminished level of water flow. To solve this problem, the Medusa valve allows water to enter the pump chamber without obstruction, ensuring that pool filters operate smoothly once again. This valve is ideal for both above-ground and below-ground pools. In order to fit this type of cartridge filter tank, you will need an adapter – sometimes sold separately – that connects to standard water pumps.

Another popular type of pool filters is the “sand filters.” These filters use fine sand to trap debris in the filter’s filter basket, thus preventing unwanted debris from entering the pump’s intake system. Sand filters usually feature one or two drain assemblies. The most common type of sand filter is made up of three or four pieces. To fit this type of filter assembly, you must remove the sand filters’ rubber gaskets.

An alternative to the sand filter is the “bio-bar” filter. This type of filter comprises of a plastic case and a metal frame where the sand filters are housed. A cover, typically made of neoprene, is fitted over the top of the assembly. This type of bio-bar filter requires that its water bed is filled with a special formula that helps it catch microorganisms.

Lastly, there is the “super-duper” the filter. This type of the filter consists of two pieces: the cartridge and the overflow tray. The cartridge, also referred to as the “super duper” cartridge, contains the chemicals and other elements required by the pool’s system. The overflow tray, which is fitted right at the end of the assembly, functions as the system’s drain plug.