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Learning How to Heat an Above Ground Pool Without a Heater

Many people wonder how to heat an above ground pool without a heater. It seems that it would be impossible to achieve this task. This is because in order to actually get the water to a desired temperature, a heater is required. But, if you are only looking to warm up the water and nothing else, then there really is no need for one of these devices.

I myself once had the same thought. Having experienced a failed attempt to heat up a pool, I did some research and discovered that the problem was in the location of the pump for the main supply. The heating unit itself was fine, but was located too far away from the pool to provide any real effective heating. It just did not work in the end.

When I was learning how to heat an above ground pool without a heater, I also discovered that the best way to do so was to install solar heaters. With these, you simply place them on top of the pool. These devices are powered by solar energy and automatically heat the water. You just set the temperature you want the pool to be and these devices will then heat it up. This is extremely effective and can work well without having a special heater or any electricity involved at all.

If you have one of these solar heaters in place, you would also need to place another device on top of the pool as well. This device could be another solar powered heater. Then again, you could just place any type of water heater in the bottom of the pool. No matter what type of heater you use, you will have sufficient heat to properly heat the water in your pool. These devices will also typically offer you a good amount of heating options so you can choose the one that you need.

Once you learn how to heat an above ground pool without a heater, you will find that your costs for heating your pool will be substantially reduced. This is because you no longer have to pay to operate the device that is heating the water. Instead, all that you have to do is maintain the temperature that is desired for your swimming pool. If you need to lower the temperature, you simply lower the setting on the thermostat. If you want to raise the temperature, you will find that all you have to do is increase the setting.

One of the key benefits of using these types of devices is that they are completely safe. They are not filled with lead, which can be a potential health risk. In addition, you will find that they provide clean, purified energy. In this manner, you can heat your above ground pool without a heater. Now, you can enjoy taking advantage of the cooling features of this type of pool.