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Hayward Pool Heater – Tips on How to Install it

Finding the right pool heater can be a daunting task. There are so many different brands and models to choose from, each claiming to offer the best in comfort and performance. If you are looking to keep your pool warm and protected this winter season then you need to get yourself a Hayward pool heater. Read this article for more information.

A Hayward pool heater can do wonders when it comes to keeping your pool heated. They have various types of heaters ranging from small ones to really large models. The smaller models are perfect for those who don’t want to use up a lot of space but still want to keep their pool warm. This will save you on electricity bills as well as being very comfortable in the swimming pool.

You can get pool heaters in sizes ranging from ten gallons to forty gallons. Depending on how much swimming pool you have will determine what size and what brand of pool heater you need. If you have a small or compact pool then a small one will be suitable, otherwise you will probably need to buy a full sized model.

If you plan to use your pool quite frequently then it is important that you get a heater with a high BTU output. The higher the BTU’s the better as you will need it to warm up the water quickly. However, you need to keep in mind that a higher BTU heater will require more energy to run, which will increase your energy bill.

To keep the pool heated, you will also need to install a chlorine filter. Most pool shops will stock these but if you don’t have a local pool shop near you then just Google “chelation filter” and you will find a lot of product reviews. It’s worth buying a good branded chlorine filter otherwise you may not get the chlorine that you need and could end up wasting money in the future. Also check that the pool heater you buy can cope with swimming pools of different temperatures. Some pool types are designed for certain temperature ranges only and others will not heat up as fast when the temperature is low.

Once you have purchased your pool heater, it’s time to install it. Most people think that you can just plug it in and that’s it, there really is a fair bit more to it than that. You will need to use your power drill to fit the hole where the pool heater will fit into. When you’ve fitted the pool heater, ensure that you read the instructions that come with it very carefully. They will advise you on how much space is required by each individual part of the pump and the type of connection that you need. Follow the instructions to the letter and make sure that everything is secure before you add any extra chemicals to the swimming pool.