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Getting the Right Pool Heater Parts

Pentair pool heater parts can be replaced easily. When a Pentair heater malfunctions, it’s not always because of a broken part. Sometimes, its cause can be found in the pool’s environment. It’s important to identify the cause of a malfunction before attempting to fix it. Below are some of the most common reasons for a heater to stop working.

In many older heaters, they will need to be replaced due to the fact that the rubber seals around the pump and coils have begun to deteriorate over time. If this is the case with your heater, then you may have to go back to the manufacturer and have them replace the unit. While this is an inconvenience, Pentair has several quality replacements that are readily available. They include pump replacement parts, evaporator parts, and condenser parts.

If your heater is making excessive noise, or if you can hear a “ching” sound from it when it’s running, then you most likely have a problem with the blower. A blower circulates air through the system. If it’s worn, then this is the most likely part to fail.

If your pool water is very cold when you initially buy it, this might be a sign that the compressor or heater isn’t working properly. Pool heaters need to be kept at a certain temperature so they work effectively. With a low capacity or improperly sized compressor, you will have very little warmth as the water freezes.

The final reason why Pentair heaters stop working is because the wiring to the system has become frayed. If this is the case, there are a variety of simple replacement parts you can buy. This usually takes only a few minutes to do, and you won’t have to worry about messing with the wires. Some heaters have batteries, but others require electricity to operate. For those, there are also battery replacement parts you can purchase.

If you’re not sure how to repair or replace some parts, you can always take your heater to a professional for help. You can also find guides and repair manuals online. There are a variety of models and years available. Even brand names such as Hunter, Norwell and KitchenAid. Whatever model you own, there are likely replacement parts you’ll be able to find.

Before attempting to replace any Pentair part, make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Many of the parts are interchangeable between models, but some require special attention. For example, if you need a different part for a diver, you’ll probably have to get a replacement hood or cover, or have one custom made. You may need to remove the old part before installing the new one. It’s important that you keep any parts you need for repairs properly in order to avoid contaminating anything that the heater may touch. You don’t want to ruin your heater by trying to start it again and have to throw out the old parts.

If you can’t find the right Pentair pool heater parts in your area, there are plenty of online resources that can help. Some of these websites will offer a huge selection of replacement parts in many different sizes and styles. They may even carry parts from other companies that are more difficult to find. Either way, finding the exact parts that you need shouldn’t be a problem and you should be able to keep your heater running like new for years to come.